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Cryogenic Submerged Pump

For many applications there is a certain small reservoir for cooling your detector or an other form of cryostat or LN2 trap, which is needed to be filled with a minimum level of LN2.

Nitrogen autofilling in this way can be used for cryogenic freezing of many objects, and filling of any type of cryogenic dewars such as for a Xray detector, infrared detector, MCT detector, infrared camera, laser detector, GDA detector, CCD cryostat, cold trap, or as a spot cooling system or any other cryostat cooling.

Because of the small diameter of the fill hose, you can use this cryogenic pump as a liquid nitrogen injector for any nitrogen cooled detector or cryogenic vessel.

Because of the very low adjustable pressure and the absence of a liquid nitrogen valve, with our liquid nitrogen cryogenic pump system it is possible to create very small flows which minimizes your application disturbance, like you have an automatic LN2 tap.

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